Season 2016

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League fixtures: Play-Cricket.

U10, U11, U12, U14 NEC League Cup Draws & Results here.

Result reporting brief here.

ECB U13 Draw here.

ECB U15 Draw here.

Season 2015

Be aware: EffinghamCC broken into recently. Please contact Surrey Cricket Foundation if you are offered any second hand machinery.

  • The NEC League August Festivals at Beddington CC: 

    • Monday 8th Under 16; 9th Under 12; 10th Under 14;  12th Under 8;
    • Sunday 14th Under 10; 15th Under 15; 16th Under 13; 17th  Under 11; 18th  Under 9.
  • 2016 RESULT REPORTING: Please click here for brief explanatory hand-out; (taken from League playing rules). 

  • 2016 CLUB DIRECTORY: Please note that the 2016 Directory only contains clubs who have up-dated their 2016 contact details.  If your club is not listed in the 2016 Directory yet, please up-date here ASAP. Thank you. 

  • Does your club struggle with losing teenage players? Would you like some support to keep them at the club?  Click here to find out how. 









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Current or New Welfare Officer? See details of the Surrey Cricket Foundation's welfare training courses. 

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Animated Version: In June 2014 the MCC launched a new set of animations to help young players, novices & casual fans develop a greater understanding of the Laws of Cricket.  Click here to view.