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Animated Version: In June 2014 the MCC launched a new set of animations to help young players, novices & casual fans develop a greater understanding of the Laws of Cricket.  Click here to view.

Welcome to Season 2015!

  • 2015 NEC Club Directory
Please update your club contact details for the 2015 season by completing the form available from the Club Directory page here. Thank you.
  • 2015 NEC League Fixtures

A list of all fixtures for the coming season is available in MS Excel format. Please click here (including revised U12 'B' team fixtures.) Play-Cricket will be up-dated in due course. *Fixtures are subject to change prior to the season's start.  

  • 2015 NEC League Cup Fixtures
A list of all Cup fixtures for the coming season is available in .pdf format. Please click here (including tie completion dates.)
  • 2015 NEC League Festivals
The League's 'Festival' weeks will take place this year starting on, and during the weeks of, Monday 10th (for under  15; 13; 11, and 9;) and Monday 17th of August, (for under 14; 12; 10, and 8.) More information in due course, courtesy of Chris Whitehouse.  
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Current or New Welfare Officer?

See details of the Surrey Cricket Board's welfare training courses. 

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