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NEC Code of Conduct


The League expects member Clubs to ensure that the club’s players, umpires, coaches and supporters uphold the Spirit of the Game and maintain the highest standards of behaviour and conduct at all times, as follows:

Clubs must operate an open membership policy and welcome players, members and supporters without regard to ethnic origin.

Umpires must umpire fairly and honestly, without bias or partisanship.

Players, Club officials and supporters must at all times accept the umpire's decision and not show dissent or react in a provocative, intimidatory or disparaging manner towards an umpire, another player, Club official or spectator.

No act of violence or threatened violence by a player, Club official, spectator or anyone else will be tolerated.

Players, Club officials and supporters shall not use crude, abusive or racially motivated comments against other players, officials and supporters.

Umpires shall not permit players to indulge in sharp practice such as deliberately distracting or obstructing an opponent by word, action or gesture, deliberately damaging the pitch, tampering with the ball or any other action they deem to be unfair.

Whilst genuine encouragement of the players is welcomed, either by polite verbal support or applause, spectators shall not be permitted to interfere with the running of the game, to actively coach or direct players whilst a game is in progress, to seek to intimidate, influence or criticise the umpires or players of the opposing team or to enter on to the field of play whilst a game is in progress without the permission of the umpires.

Disciplinary Procedure.

The League has a formal Disciplinary Procedure in place to deal with any alleged offences under the Code of Conduct. A copy of this Disciplinary Procedure shall be provided to each member Club.

Any alleged incidents must be notified by the aggrieved party in writing to the Chairman of the League within 14 days of the alleged incident occurring.

The Chairman will, at his sole discretion (taking advice from other Committee member as he deems necessary) decide whether the incident warrants further action to be taken, under the terms of the League's disciplinary policy as set-out in the Disciplinary Procedure.


Any player or Club found to have committed an offence under the terms of the Code of Conduct above shall be subject to the Disciplinary Procedure thus:-

Any alleged incidents must be notified by the aggrieved party in writing to the Chairman of the League within 3-days of the alleged incident occurring and the Chairman will refer the matter to the League Committee at the earliest possible opportunity.

Any action may take the form of a letter from the League containing an appropriate admonishment and warning about future conduct in which case such a letter may be issued without further formality.

However, in circumstances where consideration of more punitive action is deemed to be appropriate, the Chairman will appoint a Disciplinary Committee of three people, with appropriate experience of cricket and from Clubs unconnected with the incident, and at least one of whom must be a member of the League Committee.

A hearing date will be set, of which at least 7-days notice shall be given in writing to the alleged offender through the Colts Organiser of the Club concerned. The alleged offender and the aggrieved party and/or representatives of the Clubs involved shall be entitled to submit representations to the Disciplinary Committee for consideration at the hearing, either in writing beforehand or by personal attendance and to call witnesses.

If the Disciplinary Committee finds the offence alleged proved, it shall have the power to impose one or more of the following penalties:-

In the case of a player:
  • expulsion from the League
  • suspension from playing in the League for one or more matches during the current or following seasons
  • reprimand or warning.
In the case of an umpire:
  • ban from umpiring League matches in future, either a lifetime ban or a ban for a set period of time
  • reprimand or warning
In the case of a Club official or spectator: 
  • ban from attending League matches in future, either a lifetime ban or a ban for a set period of time 
  • the Club to be fined a sum not exceeding £200
  • reprimand or warning
In the case of a club:
expulsion or suspension from the League 
a fine not exceeding £200
reprimand or warning.

Exceptionally, if the Disciplinary Committee finds that a team won or gained points in a game as a result of blatant cheating, it will additionally have the power of altering the result of the game in question and re-allocating the points accordingly.

Any person or Club found guilty by the Disciplinary Committee may appeal against the verdict and/or the severity of the penalty imposed. Notice of appeal setting out the grounds of the appeal must be given in writing to reach the Chairman within 7-days of the decision of the Disciplinary Committee being notified to the appellant, together with a deposit of £200. The appeal shall be by way of a second hearing by a second Disciplinary Committee (the Appeal Committee), again to consist of three people, none of whom will have sat on the original Disciplinary Committee dot at least one of whom must be a member of the League Committee; the appellant shall have the same rights and the opportunity to call witnesses as before.

The Appeal Committee may confirm, vary or expunge the decision of the original Disciplinary Committee and shall have the power where it considers an appeal to be without merit to order that the deposit paid by the appellant be forfeited.  In all circumstances the deposit shall be refunded.

The decision of the Appeal Committee (or, if no appeal is lodged within the requisite period, that of the original Disciplinary Committee) shall be final and binding.

April 2011.


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