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2012 Roll of Honour

(September 20, 2012)
2012 Roll of Honour!   
Age-group:Zone winners:Outright winners:
Under 8 Zone A SpencerTrinity Mid-Whitgiftians
Under 8 Zone B Trinity Mid-Whits 
Under 9 Zone A EsherEsher
Under 9 Zone B Trinity Mid-Whits 
Under 10 Division 1  Trinity Mid-Whitgiftians
Under 10 Division 2  Spencer
Under 10 'B' League Spencer 'B'
Under 11 Non-pairs  Old Whitgiftians
Under 11 Division 1 Pairs  Spencer
Under 11 Division 2 Pairs Spencer 'B'
Under 12 Zone A SuttonSutton
Under 12 Zone B Banstead 
Under 12 'B' League  Tadworth
Under 13 Division 1  Tadworth
Under 13 Division 2  S R & Kenley
Under 13 'B' League   
Under 14  Zone A SpencerSpencer
Under 14  Zone B Cheam 
Under 15 Division 1  Spencer
Under 15 Division 2 Tadworth
Under 15 'B' League Purley
Under 16 League Spencer & Old Whits
U10 League CupEsher 
U11 League CupWimbledon 
U12 League CupTadworth 
U13 Cup (ECB Comp)Spencer ** 
U14 League CupOld Whitgiftians 
U15 Cup (ECB Comp)Spencer ** 
 ** Went through to county semi-final. 
U17 County Cup Final:
Banstead beat Old Whitgiftians
U12 County Champions Trophy Final at Beddington CC:
Sutton beat Banstead (Sutton retained trophey.)
U14 County Champions Trophy Final at Beddington CC:
Postponed to beginning of 2013 season.  
Old Whits to play Spencer.  

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